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Waterton Natural History Association fonds
Date Range
Description Level
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Physical Description
1.5 m of textual records, photographs, and 2 scrapbooks
Date Range
Description Level
Waterton Natural History Association
Physical Description
1.5 m of textual records, photographs, and 2 scrapbooks
History / Biographical
The Waterton Natural History Association was formed in 1983 in Waterton Lakes National Park (WLNP) as the first co-operating association in Western Canada. As a non-profit association with Parks Canada registered in the Province of Alberta, under the direction of a Board of Directors, its role was to provide and publish materials relevant to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, provide funds for and execute projects undertaken to enhance WLNP and to sponsor special events and services for the enjoyment and education of the park visitor. The WNHA operated out of the Heritage Centre in the old Fire Hall on Waterton Avenue which was altered to house a museum of natural and cultural history exhibits about the area. The organization sold books, and topographic maps, sponsored natural history related events, workshops and art exhibits and well as providing one-on-one information to the visiting public. Summer employment programs were supported through the hiring of students, seniors, handicapped etc. Membership in the organization was open to all interested parties for a nominal fee. Over time, the WNHA operated the Crooked Creek Campground outside the park and sold plaques for a Cemetery Wall as well as raising funds for its various activities. In February, 2018, the association was formally dissolved at the final annual general meeting.
Custodial History
The documents in this fonds include meeting minutes, corporate documents, and photographs related to the natural history of the park as used in exhibits and programs. The collection is incomplete in that over the years many photographs and records found other homes including Parks Canada’s Waterton archives. 20181022.001 Organizational start up, 1982. 20181022.002 Meeting minutes, 1983. 20181022.003 Meeting minutes, 1984. 20181022.004 Meeting minutes, 1985. 20181022.005 Meeting minutes, 1986 20181022.006 Meeting minutes, 1987. 20181022.007 Meeting minutes, 1988. 20181022.008 Meeting minutes, 1989. 20181022.009 Meeting minutes, 1990. 20181022.010 Meeting minutes, 1991. 20181022.011 Meeting minutes, 1992. 20181022.012 Meeting minutes, 1993. 20181022.013 Meeting minutes, 1994. 20181022.014 Meeting minutes, 1995. 20181022.015 Meeting minutes, 1996. 20181022.016 Meeting minutes, 1997. 20181022.017 Meeting minutes, 1998. 20181022.018 Meeting minutes, 1999. 20181022.019 Meeting minutes, 2000. 20181022.020 Meeting minutes, 2001. 20181022.021 Meeting minutes, 2002. 20181022.022 Meeting minutes, 2003. 20181022.023 Meeting minutes, 2004. 20181022.024 Meeting minutes, 2005. 20181022.025 Meeting minutes, 2006. 20181022.026 Meeting minutes, 2007. 20181022.027 Meeting minutes, 2008. 20181022.028 Meeting minutes, 2009. 20181022.029 Meeting minutes, 2010. 20181022.030 Meeting minutes, 2011. 20181022.031 Meeting minutes, 2012. 20181022.032 Meeting minutes, 2013. 20181022.033 Meeting minutes, 2014. 20181022.034 Meeting minutes, 2015. 20181022.035 Meeting minutes, 2017. 20181022.036 Crooked Creek Campground annual reports 1995-1997. 20181022.037 Crooked Creek Campground water inspections. 20181022.038 Crooked Creek Campground assorted expenses, various years, 11 photos. 20181022.039 Crooked Creek Campground development, 1995, 2002. 20181022.040 Crooked Creek Campground shower house grant, 2004-2005. 20181022.041 Historic photo calendar, Sept. 1984-Dec. 1985. 20181022.042 Co-operating associations annual report, 1981-1983. 20181022.043 Trail of the Great Bear development. 20181022.044 Waterton centennial anthology, 1985. 20181022.045 Waterton’s Short Hikes and Strolls, 1987. 20181022.046 Cookbook project, 1993. 20181022.047 Request for school tax exclusion, 1994. 20181022.048 Wolf recovery project, 1995-1996. 20181022.049 Bear’s Hump self-guiding trail, 1996. 20181022.050 Waterton a Special Place, second draft, 1999. 20181022.051 Waterton-Glacier Writers Workshops. 20181022.052 Recognition documents to WNHA, 1985-2001. 20181022.053 Heritage Ball, 1986-2007. 20181022.054 WNHA logo contest, 1989. 20181022.055 Reproduction documentation, “Late afternoon glow on the Prince of Wales Lodge [sic]”. 20181022.056 Printing quotations, poster: Upper Waterton Valley, 2002. 20181022.057 Swim suit donation description by Joan Croskery, no date. 20181022.058 Centennial oral history project background, 1995. 20181022.059 National parks centennial celebrations, phamplets, clippings and programs, 16 negatives, 85 photos/ 20181022.060 Copy negatives for family albums displayed at Heritage Centre. 20181022.061 Dedication documents for “First Producing Oil Well in Western Canada”, 1968. 20181022.062 Prince of Wales Hotel book, first edition, 1991. 20181022.063 Doug Oland memoir excerpt re: building in Waterton. 20181022.064 National Parks of Canada by Jean Patterson, 1931. 20181022.065 Summary of the history of the first fire hall in Waterton. 20181022.066 Correspondence with Del Steed, 1986. 20181022.067 “A Classroom As Big As The Great Outdoors, 1998. 20181022.068 Board of Directors’ policies, 2002-2004. 20181022.069 Correspondence with Glenbow Museum, 1986. 20181022.070 Annual Meeting: “The First 10 Years”, 1993. 20181022.071 General Manager’s report for 1995. 20181022.072 Rotary plaques recovery, 2007. 20181022.073 Memorandum of understanding with Parks Canada, 1983. 20181022.074 Unidentified photographs and negatives, 2 photos, 8 negatives, 3 “disk” negatives. 20181022.075 Officers of the RCSCC “Chinook,” 1 photo, no date. 20181022.076 Waterton Heritage Centre, 70 slides. 20181022.077 Volunteers, 2007. 20181022.078 Memorandums of understanding, 2011-2016. 20181022.079 Bylaws review, July 2003. 20181022.080 Certificate of incorporate, 1983. 20181022.081Waterton Centennial Committee, 1994-1995. 20181022.082 Exhibit “Waterton A Special Place,” 1999. 20181022.083 Loan of artifacts, documentation. 20181022.084 Rocky Mountain Development Company, photocopy of share certificate. 20181022.085 Poems of G. Adell Rackette, Waterton resident, photographer and writer, 3 booklets, one photo. 20181022.086 Two historic promotional brochures, 1910 and 1930. 20181022.087 Feature family project, 1988. 20181022.088 Red Cross fund raising community raffle quilt, 1945, one photo. 20181022.089 Pine Ridge Highway Exhibit, 2011. 20181022.090 WNHA policies, 2004-2016. 20181022.091 Association dissolution, 2017. 20181022.092 Bylaws, 1983, 1986, 2011. 20181022.093 Wildlife sketches by Sue Powesland, horse, falcon, bull rider, bobcat. 20181022.094 Wildlife prints, 12 items. 20181022.095 Don Brestler art, “Wolf”, 1994. 20181022.096 Artwork, “Lynx”, three copies. 20181022.097 Western Wildlife portfolio, by James Jockerest 20181022.098 Bathing suit donation. 20181022.099 Special events, 2007. 20181022.100 First Nations (including Metis), background materials, one photo. 20181022.101Aldridge family clippings. 20181022.102 Modern WLNP brochures. 20181022.103 Trail of the Great Bear Map, 2002. 20181022.104 Membership brochure. 20181022.105 Guide to Hiking the Bear’s Hump, in French. 20181022.106 Stories of Waterton, skiing and the summer of 1963. 20181022.107 Charles Waterton, clippings and brochure. 20181022.108 Souvenir folder, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 20181022.109 Waterton Dance Pavilion, one photo. 20181022.110 Waterton Community Centennial, one photo. 20181022.111 Souvenir views of Waterton, post 1936. 20181022.112 Waterton Weekly Guide, two issues only: June 26, 1936, July 24, 1936. 20181022.113 Postcards of Waterton, five cards. 20181022.114 Souvenir Views of Waterton, laminated. 20181022.115 WLNP centennial decals, 1885-1995, one large; two small. 20181022.116 Historical binder from Peggy and Andy Johnson. 20181022.117 Heritage Education Program, 1986-2002. 20181022.118 Book proposal, Prince of Wales Hotel history. 20181022.119 Cemetery Wall. 20181022.120 Employee dispute, 2011. 20181022.121 Policies and activities, 2011. 20181022.122 Frank Goble articles. 20181022.123 Parks Canada Report: Built Heritage Resources. 20181022.124 Maps of Canada, three maps, 1867-1982. 20181022.125 Inter-provincial boundary commission, background materials. 20181022.126 Waterton interpretive materials, French and English. 20181022.127 Parks Canada’s Waterton Resource Guide, 1997. 20181022.128 Newspaper clippings, Waterton history. 20181022.129 Royalty payments to authors. 20181022.130 Taped interview, “Prince of Wales Hotel”. 20181022.131 Background material on John George “Kootenai” Brown. 20181022.132 Strate family of Waterton, 5 mounted photos. 20181022.133 Goble family of Waterton, 4 mounted photos, one mounted history. 20181022.134 “Canada’s Scouts at the World Jamboree”, 1929. 20181022.135 “Jamboree,” boy scouting, October, 1946, Vol. One. 20181022.136 Second Canadian Boy Scout Jamboree song book, July 1953. 20181022.137 First Class Hike, instructions to Boy Scouts. 20181022.138 Waterton area boy scouts list, no date. 20181022.139 Journal of World Scouting, October, 1946. 20181022.140 History of Senator Buchanan Winter Sports Competition. 20181022.141 First and second winter sports competitions, newspaper clippings, 1956 and 1957. 20181022.142 Scrapbook of boy scouts in Waterton, 160 photos, clippings, programs, letters, 1958-1966. 20181022.143 Boy Scouts and Scout Masters, one photo. 20181022.144 Photographic prints of the Rockies, Peter Ramos, four photos. 20181022.145 Red Cross certificate, 1939. 20181022.146 Nahor W. Dilatush, one photo. 20181022.147 Ernest Haug Senior, one photo. 20181022.148 Oversized photos of Waterton Lakes National Park, two prints. 20181022.149 Photos of Waterton Lakes National Park, three prints. 20181022.150 Erik Hagglund, one photo. 20181022.151 Lions Club Convention, no date, no location. 20181022.152 Heritage Centre logo,, original artwork. 20181022.153 WLNP 100th anniversary poster, 1995. 20181022.154 Southern Alberta Tourism poster. 20181022.155 Brownies and Guides Album, 35 negatives, four photos, no identification. 20181022.156 Brownies and Guides Album, 16 newspaper clippings. 20181022.157 Brownies and Guides First Waterton Pack scrapbook. 20181022.158 Crandell family materials: one oversize photo, 1 family summary. 20181022.159 Crandell family, six photos. 20181022.160 Scrapbook: Boy Scouts in Waterton, uniform badges. 20181022.161CBC television, metal building plaque, 1994. 20181022.162 Parks Canada commemorative centennial coins, card and keychain, 1885-1995. 20181022.163 Two felt pendants and one centennial patch.
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Land Use and Planning Department fonds
Date Range
Accession No.
Scope and Content
Studies, reports and plans developed or comissioned by the city and related to zoning, land use and development. 20151050/001 Village Two West Lethbridge Outline Plan NE-34-8-22-W4. Wimpey Western Limited. 1977.Existing Land Use. Soils. Topography. Vegetation. Services and Utilities. Water Supply…
Date Range
Land Use and Planning Department, City of Lethbridge
Scope and Content
Studies, reports and plans developed or comissioned by the city and related to zoning, land use and development.
20151050/001 Village Two West Lethbridge Outline Plan NE-34-8-22-W4. Wimpey Western Limited. 1977.Existing Land Use. Soils. Topography. Vegetation. Services and Utilities. Water Supply. Sanitary Sewer. Storm Sewage. Power, telephone, cable television and natural gas. Neighbourhood outline plan. Residential Land Uses. Multiple housing. Single Family Housing. Residential Development Statistics. Commercial. Park and Open Space. Circulation Systems. Vehicular. Pedestrian.
20151050/002 City of Lethbridge Urban Parks Program: Henderson Lake Park Development Plan. Earthscape Consultants. November 1983 Heritage Fund. General Project Objectives. Planning Process. Background Data. Committee and Public Input. Project Committee. General Public Input. Development Plan Preparation. Operations and Maintenance. Scope. Program of Components. Cost Estimate. Estimated Capital development costs. Project Methodology Outline. Community Services Information. Letter of transmittal from community program supervisor. Philosophy of use. Group usage review. Park uses. Henderson Pool. Maintenance Program/Schedule. Group use/ special events requirement.
20151050/003 Reid Crowther. River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan for the City of Lethbridge. By Lombard North Group Limited. Reid Crowther and Partners Limited. February 1986. Purpose of the Area Redevelopment Plan. Relationship to Existing Statutory Plans and Land Use by Laws. A.R.P Boundaries. Inventory and Analysis. Existing Land Ownership and Use. Transportation and Utility Services. Policy Background and Development History. Development Issues. Overview of Proposed Land Use. Biophysical Inventory. Physical Constraints. Land use Capability. External Influences. Redevelopment Plan Goals and Objectives. Public Protection. Resource Protection and Enhancement. Land Use Management. Implementation. Development Control Policies. General Policies. Subdivision. Property Development Standards. Redevelopment Levies. Land Acquisition Policy. Development Review Procedure. Land use Districts. Commercial Recreation District. Riverine Direct Control District. Hazard Land District. Public Utilities District. Urban Reserve. Public Park and Recreation District. Public Building District. Consequential Amendments. Future Considerations. Inter-Municipal Cooperation.
20151050/004 Integrated Growth Management Strategy City of Lethbridge Appendices. O2 Planning and Design. MMM Group. February 22, 2013 Spatial Planning Criteria. Servicing Infrastructure Analysis Method and Assumptions. Transportation Infrastructure Analysis Methods and Assumptions. Oldman Watershed Council Recommendations. Stakeholder Consultation summary. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at Lethbridge Research Center. Saint Mary River Irrigation District. Town of Coalhurst. Town of Coaldale. County of Lethbridge. Kainai Nation. Canadian Food Inspection Agency by ADRI. Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District.
20151050/005 Integrated Growth Management Strategy City of Lethbridge Draft Final Report. O2 Planning and Design. MMM Group Limited. April 25, 2013. Planning Policy Context. Alberta Land Use Framework. Municipal Government Act. South Saskatchewan Regional Plan. City of Lethbridge Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/ Municipal Development Plan. IGMS Project Approach. Project Study Area, Analysis Area, and Traffic Analysis Zones. Background Research and Consultation. 100 Year growth Scenario. Existing Conditions. Land Supply. Transportation. Servicing Infrastructure. Growth Project and Trends. Demographic and Socio-Economic Trends. Employment and Business Trends. Population and Housing Projections. Employment Projections. Land Demand Forecast. Land Areas Assessment. Spatial Planning Criteria. Defensive and Offensive Strategies. IGMS Growth Scenario. Growth Scenario Sequencing. Order of Magnitude Infrastructure Costs. Area Structure Planning Sequence. Figures and Maps.
20151050/006 City of Lethbridge Urban Parks Program. North Valley Recreation Area Development Plan. November 1984. General Project Objectives. Planning Process. Background Data. Committee and Public Input. Conceptual Development Plan. Components of the Conceptual Development Plan. Cost Estimate. Excerpt from Urban Parks Master Plan. Excerpt from Lethbridge Golf Interest, Participation and Facility Study. Interdepartmental memorandum to Urban Parks Project Direction. Location Plan. Course Card.
20151050/007 Lethbridge General Municipal Plan Background Report. Rocklift Partnership Architects Planners. January 1980. Existing Urban Form. Rationale. Definition. Plan Contents. Economic and Population Growth. Population Projection. Other Growth Factors. Policy Discussion. Residential Land Use. Residential Land and Housing Capacity. Residential Land for Housing Demand. Future Development Areas. Issues and Polices: Discussion. Commercial Land Use. Approach to Commercial Forecasting and Planning. Commercial Hierarchy of Use. Centrality. Central Business District. Strip Commercial Development. Industrial Land use. Industrial Policy Concerns. Efficient Use of Service. Industrial Land Requirements. New Industrial Areas. Recreation and Open Space. Supply of Recreation and Open Spaces. Regional. City-Level. Demand. Public Services and Education. Community Services Department. Hospitals. Public Health Services. Library. Police. Fire Protection. Ambulance. Public School System. Catholic Separate School. Lethbridge Community College. University of Lethbridge. Public Utilities. Water Treatment and Servicing. Sanitary Sewer System. Storm Sewer System. Solid Waste Disposal. Electrical Distribution System. Natural Gas Servicing. Alberta Government Telephones System. Transportation. Existing Transportation System and Problems. Railway. Roadway. Airport. Proposals and Land Use Trends. Solutions and Concerns. Environmental Issues. Effects of Development on the Natural Environment. Effects of Natural Environment on Development. Urban Design Issues. Identity of Lethbridge. Policies. Fringe Areas and Expansion Sequences.
20151050/008 City of Lethbridge General Municipal Plan. June 3, 1996 Executive Summary. Community Values Statement. Historical Development of the City. Population. Goals, discussion, Policies and Recommended Actions. Housing, Residential Land and Urban Form. Economy and Employment. Environment. Directions of Future Growth. Transportation. Parks and Open Space.
20151050/009 Geotechnical Evaluation West Lethbridge Employment Centre Area Structure Plan. May 2010. Methodology. Subsurface Investigation. Site and Subsurface conditions. Review of Aerial Photography. Surficial and Bedrock Geology. Soil Stratigraphy. Top Soil. Clay and Clay Till. Groundwater Conditions. Site Preparation, Excavations, Grading and Dewatering. Conventional Strip and Spread Footing and Foundations. Review of Historical Mining Activates and Risk Assessment. Geotechnical Discussions and Recommendations. Site Preparation, Excavation, Grading and dewatering. Conventional Strip and Spread Footing Foundations. Pile Foundations. Interior Slabs. Foundation and Trench Backfill. Concrete Mix Considerations. Seismic Design Considerations. Curbs and Sidewalks. Pavement Construction. Stormwater Management. Borehole Location Plans. Atterberg Limits Test Results. Borehole Logs.
20151050/010 The Specialist Offices Plan. September 17, 2001. Purpose. Description of Area. History. Factors Influencing the Plan Area. Observations and Conclusion. Goals, Objectives and Policies. Implementation. Existing Offices. Existing Residential Uses. New Specialists Offices. Offices for Non-Specialist Health Professionals.
20151050/011 The Lethbridge General Plan Public Responses. 1977. Review of Submissions. Directions of Growth and Annexation. Future Industrial Development. Commercial Development. Transportation. Recreation and Open Space. City Involvement in Land Development. Fringe Area. Neighbourhood Concerns. Content of Public Meeting. Format of the Lethbridge General Plan review.
20151050/012 City of Lethbridge Bicycle routes, Feb. 1980, Engineering Directorate. Existing Bicycle Routes. Rider Identification. Neighbourhood Riding. Recreational Riding. Commuter Riding. Bicycle Support System. Design Criteria. Intersections. Signing and Signals. Routes. Henderson Lake & Nicholas Sheran Park. Walkways. Recommendations.
20151050/013 City of Lethbridge – Varsity village stage X – Phase 1: Innovative Residential Development Area for Springer Construction. Henry Migallo. 1977. Requirements of Proposal Call. Site Analysis. Site Planning. Unit Analysis. Unit Design. Architectural Treatment. Costs.
20151050/014 Westminter Neighbourhood Area Redevelopment Plan. August 25, 1986. Background to the Westminster Neighbourhood A.R.P. Background to Original Study. What is an Area Redevelopment Plan. The Neighbourhood Improvement Program and Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program. Neighbourhood Boundaries and Sub-Areas. Building Conditions. Narrow Lots. Residential Redistrictings and Multi-Unit development approvals since April 1977. Population Composition. Land Use Description. Transportation and Parking Issues. Crowsnest Trail. 2nd Avenue North. 5th Avenue North. 9th Avenue North. North Mayor Magrath and 23rd Street North. 13th Street North. Parking. Bicycle/Pedestrian Routes. Public Transit. Open Space and Community Facilities. Goal, Objectives and Policies. Implementation. Residential Land Use. Redistricting Criteria. Special Considerations for New Residential Development on 1st Avenue North. Low Density. Property Maintenance and Rehabilitation. Commercial Land Use. Continued Commercial Activity. Limited Commercial Expansion. Commercial Parking Requirements. Open Space. Accessibility to Open Space. Land use by-law relationship. Concurrent Amendments. Statutory Plan overlay. Relationship of the new land use by-law to the Westminster neighborhood area. Tables and Figures.
20151050/015 River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan: Summary of Policies. June 2, 1989. Development Policies. Non-conforming uses, unsightly premises, maintenance. Slope stability. Utilities. Development considerations. Flood sensitivity. Trails, dumping, cuts, signs, billboards, isolated parcels. Resource extraction. Transportation. Wildlife. Environmental assessment analysis. Geotechnical analysis. Subdivision policies. Access to valley. Slope stability. Muncipal and environmental reserve. Isolated land. Separating coulee from existing title. Geotechnical analysis. Land capability for wildlife – Waterfowl: Canada land inventory, Cartography by the Soil Research Institute, Ottawa 1973 MAP. Soil Capability for Agriculture: Canada Land Inventory MAP. Land Capability for Recreation: Canada Land Inventory, MAP. Land Capability for Wildlife – Ungulates: Lands Directorate, MAP.
20151050/016 Economic Development Strategy for the City of Lethbridge. Prepared by Standing Committee on Economic Development, Agriculture and Tourism. January 13, 1993. Mission Statement. Situation Analysis. Historic Review. Demographics. Lethbridge Today. Strengths. Weaknesses. Threats. Opportunities. Significant Achievements to Date. Objectives. Goals. Strategies. Precis – Comments from Meetings.
20151050/017 City of Lethbridge: The Lethbridge Downtown Development Scheme By-Laws. Office Consolidation. Oldman River Regional Planning Commission. Phase One. Map showing Boundary of Land Affected. Map Showing Streets and Lanes to be Closed. Map Showing Proposed Land Uses. Map Showing Area for Development, Open Spaces, and Grade-separated Pedestrian Crossing. Registered and Assessed Land owners. Phase Two. Land Uses and Development Standards. Permitted Uses. Development Approval. Commercial/Residential. Highway Commercial. Governmental/Offices. Institutional/Residential. Industrial. Parking Structure. Buffer Strip. Pedestrian Mall. Utility Easements. Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements.
20151050/018 Lethbridge General Municipal Plan: Public Hearing Background Report. February 20, 1980. Letter of Transmittal. Geographical Distribution of Economic and Population Growth. Lethbridge, A Growth Centre. Classification of Employment. Activities in Lethbridge. An Equilibrium Model. Major Economic Magnets in Lethbridge Economic Base. Direction of Growth. Economic Structure and Locational Analysis. Secondary Industries. Tertiary Industries. Retail. Education and Research. Regional Administrative Centre. Distinction between the Role of the City and Private Sector in Industrial Development and Diversification. Growth Opportunities Present in South Lethbridge. Maps and Pictures of City areas.
20151050/019 Report: Lethbridge Industrial Lands. Inducon Consultants of Canada Limited. March 1983. Industrial Land Development Policy. Development of New Industrial Lands. Absorption. Net/Gross Area Ratio. Width of Road Allowance. Land Reserves. Rights of Way. Retention Ponds. Planning and Controls. Design. Phasing. Lot Depth. Flexibility. Marketing Considerations. Pricing. Management. Private Sector Alternative. Existing Industrial Lands. Summary of Industrial Land Sales. Design Criteria. Storm Runoff Abatement.
20151050/020 Submission of the Hu Harries Reports and Other Remarks Submitted to the Survey Committee on Higher Education. The Civic Committee for a Lethbridge University. Alderman A.C. Anderson Chairman. February 1966. Letter. Brief History. Endorse. Autonomy. Availability. Decentralization. A Submission Concerning the Future of the Lethbridge Junior College. The Stewart Report. A Proposal. Reaction. Safeguards. Duties.
20151050/021 Industrial Parks. A Paper on the Development, Design Management and Control of Industrial Parks. W.H. Moore. June 1982. Definition of an Industrial Park. Development. Design. Optimum Lot Depths. Market Promotion. Management. Organization. Land Uses and Controls. Development Plan. Zoning. Parking. Off-Street Loading Space.
20151050/022 University of Lethbridge: Landscape Analysis and Development Guidelines. Maps. Topography. Drainage and Groundwater. Soils. Vegetation. The Ecology of the Site. Micro-Climatic Evaluation. Historic Land-Use Implications. Grading and Drainage. Circulation. Planting. Specific Use Areas. Implementation. Pictures.
20151050/023 MMM Group Limited: Draft Land Demand Analysis. City of Lethbridge. June 2012. Background and Context. Structure of the Remainder of the Report. Demographic and Socio-Economic Trends. Demographics and Housing. Employment Sectors. Review of Population Estimates and Projections. Household Projections by Dwelling Type. Employment Projections. Land Requirements. Residential Land Demand. Employment Land Demand. Scenarios. Methodology. Sector Specific Business Locations. City of Lethbridge Commuting Flows.
20151050/024 16 MS: Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence. Mitch Comb. June 18, 2013. Maps. Internal Steering Committee Comments. Results.
20151050/025 Oil and Gas Miscellaneous notes and Correspondence. Mitch Comb. May 3, 2013. Energy Resources. Goldenkey Emergency Response Plan. Enhanced Project Description. Media Advisory. Transmittal Memorandum. Goldenkey Oil Penny Project. Maps. Drilling Activity within the City of Calgary.
20151050/026 City of Lethbridge General Municipal Plan. March 1980. Study Process and Scope of Plan. Contents of Plan. Existing Urban Form. Topic Areas. Economic and Population Growth. Population Projection. Other Growth Factors. Objectives and Policies. Residential Land Use. Supply of Residential Land. Demand for Residential Land. Residential Land Use Issues. Accommodation of Growth. Direction of Growth. Planning for a Correct Housing Mix. City Involvement in Land Development. Overall Design Principles – New Areas. Design in Established Neighborhoods. Objectives and Policies. Commercial Land Use. Approach to Commercial Forecasting and Planning. Commercial Hierarchy of Use. Centrality. Central Business District. Strip Commercial Development. Objectives and Policies. Industrial Land use. Locational Concerns. Development Standards Concerns. Industrial Performance Standards. Efficient Use of Services. Industrial Promotion and Diversification. Industrial Expansion. Recreation and Open Space. Supply of Recreational Land. Demand for Recreational Land. Public Services and Education. Community Services Directorate. Hospitals. Public Health Services. Library Services. Fire Protection Services. Ambulance Service. Educational Services. Public School System. Catholic Separate School System. Lethbridge Community College. University of Lethbridge. Public Utilities. Water, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Services. Solid Waste Disposal. Electrical Distribution System. Natural Gas Servicing. Alberta Government Telephones System. Transportation. Railway System. Roadway System. Environmental Issues. Urban Design Issues. Fringe Areas and Expansion Sequences. Plan Implementation. Rank. Policy. Task. Importance. Responsibility. Timing. Cross-Referencing. Sub-area Planning. Figures and Tables.
20151050/027 Yard Setbacks Related to the Alberta Building Code: A Background Analysis Paper for the Land use By-Law Rewrite Project. Draft. October, 1983. Purpose. Multi-Family Residential. For Part 3 Buildings. Containment Areas as Per Floor Assemblies. Typical Setbacks for a 3 Story Walk-Up. Roadway Map. Fire Separation between Dwelling Units. Townhouse Development. Day Care Centre and Other Special Care Facilities. Limiting Distances. Offices and Service Commercial Uses. Retail Stores and Supermarkets. Medium Hazard Factories, Warehouses, Workshops and Service Stations.
20151050/028 West Lethbridge Village 2 Plan. May 1976. Physical Setting. Municipal Services. The Plan. Maps. Utilities.
20151050/029 Southeast Lethbridge Urbanization Plan Natural Areas Assessment. January 2003. Engineering Consultants Ltd. Assessment Approach. Public Consultation. Study Area Description. Ecological Zonation. Climate. Bedrock Geology. Physiography and Surficial Geology. Land Use. Conservation Status. Environmentally Significant Areas. The Great Plains Program. Natural Areas Planning. Aquatic Resources. Methods. Results. Management. Soils. Vegetation. Wildlife. General Measures. Removal of Vegetation. Introduction of Non-Native and Weedy Species. Garbage. Trails. Maps. Rare Plants Potentially Occurring. Coulee Study Area Plant List. Photographs.
20151050/030 North Lethbridge Urbanization Report. November 1979. The Study Area at Present. Planning Concerns Affecting the Study Area. Urbanization Objectives. Development Concept. Natural Features. Existing Land Use. Coal Mines. Fringe Area Considerations. Servicing. Maps.
20151050/031 City of Lethbridge Neighbourhood Profile Scoping Report. January 20, 2012. Potential Profile Users. Data Sources. Characteristics. Historical Information/Sources. Neighborhoods with Available Historical Information. Overlapping Data Groupings. Tables. Maps. Neighbourhood Characteristic Utility Data Ranking. Data Source Evaluation. Civic Census. Federal Census. Municipal Departments. Age of Residents. Family Characteristics. Crime Levels. Recreation Facilities. Parks. Income Levels. Property Values. Food Bank Users. Immigration/Language. Vacancy Rates. Health. Age of Homes. Condition of Homes/Affective Age. Pet Ownership. Community Center Memberships. Residential Sales Data. Licensed Home Based Businesses. Mobility Status. Secondary Suites. Types of Homes. Voter Turnout. Level of Education. Interactive Maps. London Road.
20151050/032 A Review of the Village Concept. City of Lethbridge Planning and Development Department. July, 1984. History of the Village Concept. The concept – its application to Lethbridge. The Surveys. Design and Development issues. Alternate development strategies. Policy recommendations. Implementation. Social and Demographic Trends.
20151050/033 Village II: Community Plan. September 22, 1976. The Plan. Purpose. Basis. Overall planning considerations. Neighborhood planning concept. Neighborhood/Community structure. The Policies. General. Residential. Commercial. Park and open space. Conservation Lands. Institutional. Roads and Transit. Implementation. Map.
20151050/034 Development Strategy for Private Holdings in West Lethbridge. Planning and Development Dept. City Hall. Murray V. Jones and Associates Limited. May 1971. The area. The Request. Program of Work. Problem. Program. Review of Existing Planning Proposals. Determination and Review of Constraints. Preparation of the Concept Plan. Strategy for Development. Detailed Urban Design. Map.
20151050/035 A Study of Land Uses in the Downtown Phase II Area: City of Lethbridge. River Regional Planning Commission. Confidential. September 18, 1978. Letter to Mayor A.C. Anderson and City Council. CBD Function. Study Boundaries. Background. Factors Precipitating the Review. Development Pressures. Unforeseen Major Developments. Special Study Area. Method and Format. CBD Overview. Pertinent Reports and Legislation. General plan 1964. Urban Renewal Study 1966. Urban Renewal Scheme 1968. Zoning by-law. Downtown development scheme phase I 1972. Downtown development scheme phase II 1975. Railway Relocation Study 1977. Review of Development since 1964. Maps. Influence of Major Roadway Patterns. Existing Uses. Compatibility of Existing Uses. City-owned lands. Land values. Parking. Pedestrian Malls. Historical Resources. Population Characteristics. Land use Options. Strategy for Development.
20151050/036 River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan. Lombard North Group Limited. August 25, 1986. Purpose of the Area Redevelopment plan. Relationship to Existing Statutory Plans and Land use By-laws. Inventory and Analysis. Existing Land Ownership and Use. Transportation and Utility Services. Policy Background and Development History. Development Issues. Overview of Propose Land Use. Redevelopment Plan Goals and Objectives. Implementation.
20151050/037 City of Lethbridge General Municipal Plan. May 8, 1995. Community Values. Physical and Economic Development of the City – Historical Summary. Population Projections and Changing Demographics. Impacts of Low Fertility Rates. Aging of the Canadian Population. Demographic Composition. Geographic Differences in Population. Residential Land and Urban Form. Housing Needs. Concentrated Development in New Residential Areas. Multi-unit Residential Development. “Balanced” Neighborhoods. Jobs and Services near Residential Areas. Affordable Home Ownership. Housing for Groups with Special Needs. Economy and Employment. Multi-function Downtown. Galt Gardens. Prime Downtown Sites. Commercial Services for West Lethbridge. Increasing Tourism. Environment. Residential Subdivision and House Designs. Trail Systems. Tree Stocks. Water Use. Ecological Stability and Biological Diversity. Directions of Future Growth. West Lethbridge. Partially Developed Residential Areas. Future Urban Development. Transportation, Water and Sewer. Crowsnest Trail Bridge. Third Bridge to West Lethbridge. Alternative Transportation Systems. Parks and Open Spaces. Reduced Water and Maintenance Requirements. Multi-function Parks and Open Spaces. Trail Systems. River Valley Open Space. Pet Exercise Areas.
20151050/038 Hill Properties and Vicinity Area Structure Plan. City of Lethbridge, Planning and Development Department. May 1981. Location. Historical Perspective. Transportation and Servicing. Environmental Considerations. Existing Land Use. Land Use Opportunities. Proposed Land Use Designations. Highway Commercial Land Use. Light Industrial Use. Commercial/Industrial. Public Reserve Lands. Roadway Pattern. Appendix 1: Outline Plan Approval for Hill Property (Hill Farms), February 1977. Appendix 2: Permitted and Discretionary Uses of Selected Land Use Districts. C-8 Highway Commercial District. C-9 Automotive Commercial District. C-10 Commercial Warehousing District. I-1 Light Industrial District. I-3 Heavy Industrial District. M-2 Public Utilities District.
20151050/039 Portable Living Units for Seniors (P.L.U.S.) or ‘Granny Flat’ Demonstration Project: Summary Report. Ministry of Housing, Housing Supply Policy Branch. June 1990. The Garden Suite Concept. Basic Characteristics. Precedents. Rationale and Policy Context. Residential Intensification. Expanding Seniors Housing Choices. Product Development in the Factory-Built Housing Industry. Demonstration Project Design. Phase I. Phase II. Phase III. Phase IV. Social Assessment. Occupants. Host Families. Neighbours. Non-Participants. Community Support Services. Unit Design. Application and Approval Process. Planning/Regulatory and Legal Assessment. Legal Issues. Occupancy. Ownership of the Garden Suite. Design and Construction Standards. Landlord and Tenant Problems. Ownership of the Host Property. Contract Rights. Municipal Tax Assessment. Planning and Regulatory Control Options. Site Specific Temporary Use By-Laws. Official Plan Policy Statement and As-of-Right Zoning. Site Plan Control. Garden Suite Legislation. Evaluation of Regulatory Options. Technological Research and Assessment. Unit Design. Aesthetics. Potential Construction Methods. Layout / Accessibility. Energy Efficiency. Unit Installation. Portable Housing Technology Assessment. Modular Construction. Panelized Construction. Mobile Homes. Hybrid Designs. Site-built. CMHC National Market Survey. Financial Assessment. Cost Comparisons. Policy Environment. Appendix I: Pro Forma Analysis.
20151050/040 West Lethbridge Village 2: Outline Plan. Underwood McLellan & Associates Limited. March 1977. Prepared for Engineered Homes Ltd. Village II Community Plan – Analysis. Off-Site Development Constraints. Site Analysis. Outline Plan. Proposed Land Use and Phasing. Proposed Development Standards. Plates: Location Plan, Village II Concept Plans, Outline Plan, Physical Features, Proposed Land Use, Open Space System, Proposed Phasing, Proposed Sanitary Sewer Trunks.
20151050/041 Feasibility Study: Lethbridge Industrial Park. Urban Life Consultants Ltd. June 1979. Prepared for Haico Industries Ltd. Industrial Land Analysis. Supply of Industrial Land. Demand for Industrial Land. Future Industrial Development. Role of the Proposed Project. Highway Commercial Analysis. Supply of “Highway” Commercial Land. Demand for “Highway” Commercial Development. Opportunities for Highway Commercial Development in Lethbridge. Potential of the Subject Site. Suggested Design Considerations.
20151050/042 The City of Lethbridge Annexation Proposal. October 1983. For Submission to the Local Authorities Board. Historical Perspectives. Case for Annexation: Growth Prospects. Land Needs: Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Constraints to Development. City Control Needs within Urban Fringe. Environmental Considerations. Agricultural Considerations. Servicing Considerations. Financial Considerations. Case of Annexation: A Sectoral View. West Lethbridge. North Lethbridge. Southeast Lethbridge. Urban Parks Master Plan. Negotiations and Accords. Joint General Municipal Plan.
20151050/043 Oldman River Region: Draft Regional Plan. Oldman Regional Planning Commission. Lethbridge, Alberta. February 1982. Regional Characteristics. Regional Strategy. Regional Economy. Regional Development and Settlement Patterns. Infrastructure, Services and Resources. Transportation and Rights-of-Way. Housing. Outdoor Recreation and Open Space. Regional Land Use Management. Urban Land Use. Rural Land Use. Industrial and Commercial Development in Rural Areas. Urban-Rural Fringe. Crown Lands. Regional Environment Management. Geographic Areas of Special Concern. Mountains and Foothills. River Valleys and Shorelands. Growth and Development around Lethbridge. Indian Reserves. Public Participation. Population Levels and Rates of Growth for the Region’s Urban Municipalities. Distribution of Labour Force by Industry and Sub-Region. Implementation of the Regional Plan.
20151050/044 Parking Lot Project: Finished Lots (Examples) Bompass Lot. Library Lot. AGT Lot. Bowman Arts Lot. Park Place. Lethbridge Center. Crab Street Parkade. Motel Magic. IGA Lot.
20151050/045 West Lethbridge Employment Centre: Transportation Impact Assessment. D.A. Watt Consulting. March 30, 2012. Prepared for The City of Lethbridge. WLEC Area. Traffic Control. Traffic Volumes. Capacity Analysis. Ultimate Horizon Land Use and Density Assumptions. Interim Land Use and Density Assumptions. Road Network Development. Highway 3 and Westside Drive Interchange. Ultimate Conditions (60-Year Horizon). Interim Conditions (20-Year Horizon). Road Network Assumptions. Background Traffic Volumes. Trip Generation. Trip Distribution and Assignment. Estimated Traffic Volumes. Capacity Analysis. Intersection Improvement Opportunities. Interchange Analysis. Interchange Layout. Transit Analysis. Proposed Transit Route. Pedestrian and Cyclist Analysis. Proposed Pathways. Synchro Outputs. Land Use Details. Half Bowtie Intersection. Level of Service Criteria for Merge and Diverge Areas. Ramp Terminal Operating Conditions.
20151050/046 City of Lethbridge Integrated Community Sustainability Plan I Municipal Development Plan. July 5, 2010. Bylaw #5650. City of Lethbridge ICSP/MDP. Jurisdictional Limitations of the Plan. Municipal Sustainability Planning. Dimensions of Sustainability. City Circles Public Engagement Exercise. Public Conversation. Exploring Lethbridge – Past, Present, Future. Vision Statement. City Principles. City Goals. Prosperous. Healthy and Diverse. Culturally Vibrant. Compact City. Integrated Transportation Network. Walkable. Bicycle-Friendly. Quality Urban Design. Diverse Parks and Open Space System. Strong and Vibrant Downtown. Environmentally Responsible. River Valley is the Primary Open Space System. Strong Relationships with Neighbouring Communities. City Timeline. Regional Context Map. Population Pyramid, Municipal Census 2010. Community Features Map. Lethbridge 2050, Population Projection. Mixed-Use Redevelopment Areas Map. MetroQuest, Lethbridge 2050.
20151050/047 Ridgewood Heights Phase II: Planning Report (Outline Plan). Prepared by Keith Driver and Associates Ltd. November 1983. Prepared for Westview Investment Co., Lethbridge. Project No. 82005. Application for Outline Plan Approval. Application for Tentative Plan of Subdivision Approval. Amendment to Lethbridge Landuse Bylaw. R.M. Hardy Geotechnical Study. Zone A. Zone B1. Zone B2. Bank Line of the Oldman River. Top of Bank. Geological Constraints. Reid Crowther and Partners Limited. Engineering Servicing and Construction Criteria. Municipal Reserves. Residential Uses. School Generation. Land Use Designation. Historical Resources Impact Assessment. Restricted Development Area. Ridgewood Heights Phase II Outline Plan Serviceability. Sanitary Sewage Collection. Storm Drainage. Water Distribution. Surface Improvements. Subsidence Concerns. Subsidence-Resistant Guidelines. Structural Guidelines. CLASP System. Subsidence Design Criteria. Storm Sewer Outfall. Grading. Geotechnical Input. Setback Distance.
20151050/048 Lethbridge River Valley Development Scheme. January, 1975. By-Law No. 3255. Intensive Recreation-oriented Area. Table of Permitted Uses, November 1973. Access. Land Acquisition. River Valley Development Committee. Ad-Hoc Committee on River Valley. Land Ownership (Registered and Assessed Owners). Development Priorities. Recommendations from River Valley Development Committee, December 11, 1973. Schedule “B”, Land Ownership.
20151050/049 London Road Neighbourhood Area Redevelopment Plan: Discussion Paper. City of Lethbridge, Planning and Development Department. November 1981. Neighbourhood Population. Neighbourhood Land Use. Building Condition. General Neighbourhood Objective. Residential Development. Commercial Development. Institutional Development. Warehousing and Storage. Transportation. Open Space and Recreation. Heritage. Land Use Development. Residential – Low Density Area. Narrow Lots. Redevelopment Areas. Residential – Higher Density Area. Bonus Chart System. Residential Rehabilitation Assistance. Redevelopment Levy. Additional Open Space. Pedestrian Environment. Bicycle Routes. Road and Lane System Modifications. Transit System Review. Heritage Review and Utilization. Demolition Permits. Citizen Participation in Neighbourhood Management.
20151050/050 Proposal for an Innovative Housing Project: Varsity Village: Lethbridge. Submitted by Krahn Homes of Lethbridge in conjunction with Pendergast & Purll Architects of Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton. May 1978. Lot 12 Block 28, Plan 7710882. Neighbourhood Facilities. Site Access. Site Services. Design Parameters. Design Objectives. Housing Layout. Road Standards. Servicing Standards. Lanes. Open Space Requirements. Subdivision Design. Housing Distribution. Vehicular Access Routes. Pedestrian Routes. Housing Clusters. Vehicular Access and Storage. Housing Design Objectives. Zero Lot Line House Types. Multi-Family Dwellings. Cul-De-Sac. Detached Units. Higher Density Units. Landscaping and Fencing. Architectural Coordination. Background of Pendergast & Purll Architects. Map – Conceptual Layout, Innovative Housing, West Lethbridge.
20151050/051 Whoop-Up Drive Upgrading – Preliminary Design Report. Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd. February, 1983. Proposed Twinning of Whoop-Up Drive. Crowsnest Trail Corridor Study (1981). Bridge Alternatives. Intersection Alternatives. Interchange at University Drive/Whoop-Up Drive Intersection. Existing Roadway. Population and Employment Growth – West Lethbridge. Parks and Recreation Facilities. Future Traffic Forecasts. Traffic counts. High Peak Direction Traffic on the River Crossing. High Turning Volumes. Intersection and Roadway Alternatives. Capacity Definitions. River Crossing Capacity. University Drive/Whoop-Up Drive Intersection Alternatives. Parclo A-B, 1973 Concept. At-Grade Intersection. Cloverleaf with Directional Ramp Westbound to Southbound. Proposed Bridge for Westbound Traffic. Recommended Plan-Stage I. Recommended Plan-Stage II. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimates (1982 Dollars). Economic Analysis-Whoop-Up Drive Twinning. Maps – Whoop-Up Drive Twinning.
20151050/052 Uplands and Valleyview Policy Statement and Area Structure Plan. Stanley Associates Engineering Ltd. October 14, 1980. Oldman River Preliminary Regional Plan, 1974. Lethbridge General Municipal Plan (1980), North Lethbridge Urbanization Report (Feb. 1980, Revised May 1980). Uplands and Valleyview Area Structure Plan. Site Analysis and Design. Topography. Contour Analysis. Slope Analysis. Drainage. Past Coal Mining Operations. Subsidence Evaluation. Existing Land Uses. Hardieville. CBC TV Tower. Shale Quarrying Operation. Calgary Power Limited Transmission Line. Feedlot Operations. Valley Feeders Limited. Lethbridge Rendering Feedlot and Rendering Plant. Existing Utilities and Transportation Network. Historical Resources. Galt Mine No. 6. City of Lethbridge Sanitary Landfill Site. Major Community Park. Optimal Utilization of the Coulees. Multi-Family Housing. Soil Stability Studies. “Village Concept” – Valleyview and Uplands. Transportation System. Residential Law Use. Community Core School. Shared Use of Schools and Community Facilities. Reserve Land – Environmental, Open Space, Joint Use School Sites, Parks, Pedestrian and Bicycle Links. Utility Services. Storm Sewer. Water Supply. Social and Community Services. Village Clinic. Hospital Facilities. Library Services. Police Service. Fire Protection. Implementation Guidelines. Municipal Reserve. School Sites. Environmental Reserve. Land Use Interface. Preliminary Subsidence Evaluation – North Lethbridge Area (1978). Maps (12), Figures and Tables.
20151050/053 City of Lethbridge Integrated Community Sustainability Plan / Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP). July 5, 2010. Provincial Municipal Planning Hierarchy. South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP). Jurisdictional Limitations. Dimensions of Sustainability. Cultural Sustainability. Social Sustainability. Economic Sustainability. Sustainable built Environment. Sustainable Natural Environment. Sustainable Governance. Public Conversation. Plan Your City Process. Exploring Lethbridge. Location. First Nations and Fort Whoop-up. Coal and the Railway. Founding of Lethbridge. Regional Context Map. Population Pyramid, Municipal Census 2010. SADAT City Circle. SAGE City Circle. Community Features Map. Accommodating Growth. Plan Your City Vision. Plan Your City Policies. Prosperous City. Healthy and Diverse City. Accessible Housing. Safe City. Culturally Vibrant City. Adaptive Reuse of Historic Resources. Active Living. Well Designed City. Mix and Density of Land Uses. Infill Development. Urban Design. Compact City. Transit-Oriented Development. Transportation Network. Walkable, Bicycle-Friendly City. Quality Urban Design. Diverse Parks. Open Space System. Vibrant Downtown. Environmentally Responsible City. Oldman River Valley. Water Quality. Air Quality. Waste Management. Energy Policies. City that Supports the Region. Relationships with Neighbouring Communities. Progression Towards the Vision Can Be Measured. Population Distribution, 2009. Workforce Breakdown by Industry and Gender, 2006. Major Employers of Lethbridge, 2009.
20151050/054 Legacy Ridge Stage III Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation. Prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. Prepared for Melcor Developments Ltd. May, 2009. Part I. Hardieville/Legacy Ridge/Uplands Area Structure Plan. Overview of Land Uses. Location Plan. Existing Land Use, 2007. Land Ownership. Overview of Proposed Land Uses. Low Density Residential District (R-L). Comprehensively Planned Low Density Residential District (R-CL). Medium Density Residential (R-37). Medium Density Residential (R-75). Anticipated Density. Open Space. Reserve Dedication. Valley District. Park and Recreation. Municipal Reserve. Galt Mine No. 6 Interpretive Park. Entrance Features. Entry Drive. Open Space Guidelines. Victoria Houk Park. Jane Stafford Park. Geotechnical Evaluation, 2007. River Valley Setback. Historical Resources. Historical Resources Impact Assessment. Alberta Culture & Community Spirit Clearance. Archaeological Monitoring Program. Transportation Impact Assessment. Transportation Network. Transit. Community Mailbox Locations. Stormwater Management. Sanitary Sewer Collection. Water Distribution Network. Proposed Site Phasing. Fire Protection. Environmental Sustainability. Oldman River Valley Escarpment.
20151050/055 Legacy Ridge Stage III Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation. Prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. Prepared for Melcor Developments Ltd. May, 2009. Part II. Appendices A-D. Appendix A: Certificate of Title. Appendix B: Galt Mine No. 6 Historical Background. “Rescue Station.” “Power House” / “Compressor House.” “Electric Lamphouse.” “Workshop.” “Warehouse” / “Storehouse.” “Boiler House” / “Steam Room.” Galt Mine #6 Shaft. “Tipple.” “Fan House.” Galt Mine #5 Air Shaft / drift tunnel. “Engine House.” $$$ & Cents. Galt Mine #3. Galt Mine #1. Galt Mine #8. Galt Mine #6. Historic Coal Mining Photo Collection. Appendix C: Geotechnical Evaluations. Soil Conditions. Groundwater Conditions. Mining Activity. Mine Shafts. Deep Mine Waste. Development Near Slopes. Coulee Infilling. Subdivision Development. Foundations. Basement Construction. Site Plan and Borehole Locations. Historical Mining Site Features. Appendix D: Environmental Assessments. Borehole Drilling Program. Testpit Program. Soil Stratigraphy. Particle Size. Hydrogeological Conditions. Soil Vapour Concentrations. Groundwater.
20151050/056 Legacy Ridge Stage III Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation. Prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. Prepared for Melcor Developments Ltd. May, 2009. Part III. Appendices E & F. Appendix E: Risk Management Plan. Site History. Galt Mine #6. Operating History. Mine Shaft Evaluation. Regional Geology and Hydrogeology. Subsurface Conditions. Coal Mining Waste. Groundwater Conditions. Environment Risk Characterization. Potential Migration Pathways. Potential Receptors and Exposure Pathways. Human Health. Ecological Health. Geotechnical Risk Characterization. Mine Shafts. Development Setback from Shafts. Limited Building Height. Deep Fills. Coal Mining Waste Management. Environmental Monitoring Requirements. Environmental Remedial Action. Berm Overlying Waste Option. Berm Overlying Clay Option. Appendix F: Historical Resources Impact Assessment. Borden Number DkPe-61. Precontact Period Resources. DkPe-61, Area A (Historic Site NL 15) Galt Mine No. 6 Operations. Palaeontological Resources Evaluation. “Ammonite Shell Agreement Lands.” Historic Aerial Photograph Review. Land Titles Review. Archaeological Resources Review. Archaeological Sites. Historic Period Sites Review. Coal Mine Atlas. Paleontological Review. Archival History. Lethbridge Coal District. Galt Mines and the CPR. Irrigation. 1906 Strike. Galt Mine No. 6 Features: Shaft No. 5 Drift Tunnel, Fan House, Tipple, Power House, Boiler Hoist, Refuse Route, Warehouse, Workshops, Electric Lamp House, Powder House, Rescue Station. DkPe-61, Area B (Historic Site NL 16) Miners’ Residences Features: Cottage Foundations and Cellars, Depressions/Possible Privies. Faunal Remains. Historic Period Artifacts. Neighbourhood Interpretative Park. HRIA Photographs. Artifact Catalogues. Provincial Resources Historical Inventory. Galt Mines Historical Background Meeting Notes. Archival Photographs. 20151050/057 Legacy Ridge Stage III Outline Plan and Land Use Redesignation. Prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. Prepared for Melcor Developments Ltd. May, 2009. Part IV. Appendices G & H. Appendix G: Transportation Impact Assessment. Existing Conditions. Intersection Capacity Analysis. Traffic Analysis. Traffic Generation Analysis. Estimated Trip Distribution and Assignment. Analysis of Traffic Volumes. Minimum Road Classifications. Transit Routes. Appendix H: Outline Plan Servicing Design Brief. Water Distribution Network. Sanitary Sewer Generation and Collection. Storm Water Management. Hardieville Overland Flows. Storm Water Offsite Requirements. Hardieville Dry Pond Requirements.
20151050/058 Lethbridge General Municipal Plan – Background Report. Prepared by Rockliff Partnership Architects Planners. January 1980. Oldman River Regional Planning Commission. Existing Urban Form. Urbanization of West Lethbridge. Economic and Population Growth. Population Projection. Growth Factors. Railway Relocation Scheme. Residential Land Use. Housing Capacity. Varsity Village. Residential Land for Housing Demand. Accommodation of Growth. Direction of Growth. Planning for a Correct Housing Mix. City Involvement in Land Development. Design Issues. Design Criteria. Residential Land Use Policies. Commercial Land Use. Approach to Commercial Forecasting and Planning. Commercial Hierarchy of Use. Warehousing. Regional Shopping Centres. Bulk Retailing. Centrality. Central Business District. Strip Commercial Development. Industrial Land Use. Economic Perspective. Labour Force. Industrial Land Use. Industrial Location Factors. Industrial Location and Development Standards. Industrial Park. Industrial Land Requirements. New Industrial Areas. West Lethbridge. North Lethbridge. Airport Area. W.T. Hill Property. Recreation and Open Space. Regional Recreation and Open Spaces. City-level Recreation and Open Spaces. Public Services and Education. Community Services Directorate. Day Care Services. Cultural Facilities. Hospitals. Public Health Services. Library Services. Police Services. Fire Protection Services. Ambulance Service. Educational Services. Public School System. Catholic Separate School System. Lethbridge Community College. University of Lethbridge. Public Utilities. Water Treatment and Servicing. Sanitary Sewer System. Storm Sewer System. Solid Waste Disposal. Electrical Distribution System. Natural Gas Servicing. Alberta Government Telephones System. Transportation. Railway System. Roadway System. Airport. Land Use Trends. Employment Opportunities. Environmental Issues. Urban Design Issues. Urban Design Identity of Lethbridge. Fringe Areas. Expansion Sequences.
20151050/059 Joint General Municipal Plan: City of Lethbridge, County of Lethbridge. October 1984. Purpose of the Joint Plan. Location and Extent of the Joint Plan Area. Existing Land Use. Proposed Uses within the City Boundaries. Proposed Uses within the Joint Plan Area. Regional and Sub-Regional Influence. Past Patterns of City Growth. City of Lethbridge: Joint Plan Area Objectives. County of Lethbridge: Joint Plan Area Objectives. Land Use Strategy. Agriculture and Agricultural Productivity. Discouragement of Leap-Frog Development. Industrial Uses. Location of Livestock Feeding Lots. Intensive Agricultural Uses of Land. Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA). Comprehensive Review of the Park System in the City. Area Structure Plans. Fringe Land Use District. Joint Municipal Committee. Annexation Area. Development Proposals. Applications for Subdivision.
20151050/060 Detached Garage Brochure. City of Lethbridge Planning Department. Building a Detached Garage. 3 copies of brochure. Development Application Charge on 2 of the copies - $31.00. Development Application Charge on 1 of the copies - $34.00.
20151050/061 Misc. Work – Kel (Name of Employee?). Figure: “Decision Making Process for Development Proposals.” 3 Maps of South Lethbridge: 2 Street Maps of Lethbridge Municipal Hospital Area. 1 street map of 43 Street and Crowsnest Trail/South Parkside Drive Area.
20151050/062 City of Lethbridge Annexation Proposal. For Submission to the Local Authorities Board. October 1983. Annexation Summary. West Sector – 12.28 Sections. North Sector – 5.2 Sections. Southeast Sector – 4.6 Sections. Joint General Municipal Plan. Historical Perspectives. “Urbanization of West Lethbridge” study. “North Lethbridge Urbanization” report. “Direction of Growth Policies” Background Paper. Comprehensive Long Term Annexation Study. Population Growth and Economy. Residential Land Needs. Commercial Land Needs. Industrial Land Needs. City Lands Available for Development. Constraints to Development. Additional Lands Required by the City. City Control Needs Within Urban Fringe. Environmental Considerations. Agricultural Considerations. Servicing Considerations. Financial Considerations. West Lethbridge. North Lethbridge. Southeast Lethbridge.
20151050/063 Proposed Land Use Districts – City of Lethbridge Annexation Area. City of Lethbridge Planning & Development Department. August, 1984. M-3 (Urban Reserve) District. R-UF (Rural-Urban Fringe). R-LI (Rural-Light Industrial). H-R (Hamlet-Residential). Existing Land Use. Parcel Size Analysis. Number of Residential Units. Estimated Population. Planning Act. Regional Plan. Proposed M-3 (Urban Reserve) Land Use District. Yard Setbacks. Accessory Building. Animal Care Services, Major. Dwelling Unit. Essential Utility Services. Farms. Mobile Home. Nursery/Greenhouse. Public Park. Tourist-Related Centres. Unsubdivided Quarter Section. Proposed D-C (Direct Control) District. Direct Control Resolution. Development Approval Process. Implementation of New Land Use Districts. Draft Copy - Proposed Amendments to the City of Lethbridge General Municipal Plan Pertaining to the Lethbridge Annexation Area, July 1984. Draft Copy – Proposed Land Use Districts – City of Lethbridge Annexation Area, June 1984.
20151050/064 Hospitals Area Redevelopment Plan. City of Lethbridge Planning Department. [1990-1991?]. Growth of the City. Expansion of the Hospitals. Evolution of the Neighbourhood. Shift in Demographics. ARP (Area Redevelopment Plan). Plan Area Boundaries. Historical Background. Land Use Analysis. Residential Land Use. Commercial Land Use. Churches. Community Halls. Navy League Headquarters. Chapter House for Alcoholics Anonymous. Hospitals. Lethbridge Regional Hospital. St. Michael’s Hospital. Gilbert Paterson Community School. Gyro Park. McKillop Play Lot. Open Space Accessibility. Population Profile. Population Trends. Traffic Patterns. Arterial Roads. Collector Streets. Traffic Volumes. Parking. Public Transit. Pedestrian Movement. Housing. Building Conditions. Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP). Vacancy Rate. Market Demand. Land Ownership. Economics of Redevelopment. Services and Utilities. Neighbourhood Development. Rehabilitation and Redevelopment. Average Household Size for Selected Years. Residential Redevelopment Sites. Commercial-Institutional. Neighbourhood Development Strategies. Rehabilitation not Redevelopment.
20151050/065 Assessment of Potential Police Station Sites. Prepared by City Planning Department. June 1990. Parcel 4A (CentreSite 2). Former Molson’s Brewery Site. RCMP/Tennis Court Site. Travelodge Site. Physical Site Requirements. Proximity to Courthouse. Proximity to Foot Patrol Area. Accessibility to Major Roadways. Alternate Use of Site. Loss of Tax Base. Opportunity Cost. Neighbourhood Fit. Land Use Compatibility. Commercial Continuity. City Hall Relationship. Evaluation Process. Criteria and Matrix Scores. Appendix 1 – Site Descriptions. Appendix 2 – Financial and Logistical Factors. Appendix 3 – Criteria Matrix. Labour Club Site (Addendum – May 1992). Criteria and Matrix Scores, including Labour Club (Addendum – May 1992).
20151050/066 Results of a Public Opinion Survey for the Revitalization of Galt Gardens. Prepared for The Galt Gardens Revitalization Committee. Prepared by Cooper – Thompson & Associates Ltd. August 31, 1989. Random Sample. City of Lethbridge Social Needs Assessment Study (1988). Instrument Design. Sample Size. Sample Characteristics. Inducements to Enter - Physical Qualities. Regular Maintenance and Cleaning. Benches throughout the Park. Public Washrooms. Provision for All-Season Use. Barriers for Wind Protection. Shelters for Inclement Weather. Barriers for Wind Protection. Inducements to Remain - Safety and Security. Preservation of Open Areas. Full Illumination in the Evening. Police Patrols. Removal or Addition of Trees. First Aid Station. Enforce Rules Regarding Anti-Social Behaviour. Community Participation. Special Events for Art/Music. Celebrations of Local or National Events. Memorial Ceremonies. Ethnic Events. Festivals. Musical/Theatrical Performances. Fashion Shows. Street Musicians and Clowns. Arts and Crafts Display/Sales. Tea House. Performing Arts Square. Memorial(s). Indoor Garden. Enhanced Floral Garden. Wildlife Habitat Development. Arboretum. Water Fountain or Pool. Sculpture Garden. Conservatory. Cable Car or Trolley. Flag Pole and Circle. Amphitheatre. Solar Feature. Self-Improvement. Quiet Areas. Starting Point for Historical Walks. Arts and Crafts Instruction. Interpretive Centre. Recreation and Leisure Items. Water Feature. Games Area for Chess/Checkers/Cards. Play Area or Carousel for Children. Roller Skating. Ice Skating. Lawn Games. Mini or Petting Zoo. Miniature Golf. Picnic Areas. Food Kiosks. Specialty Shopping. Copy of Galt Gardens Survey.
20151050/067 City of Lethbridge Brochures. Planning Department. The Proposed Land Use By-Law. Development Application, Appeal and By-Law Amendment Processes. Parking Requirements for Shopping Centres, Restaurants and Offices in Lethbridge. Home Occupations in Lethbridge. Commercial Districts in Lethbridge. Residential Districts in Lethbridge. The Valley and Public Service Districts in Lethbridge. The Direct Control and Urban Reserve Districts in Lethbridge. Industrial Districts in Lethbridge. Statutory Plan Overlays and the Airport Vicinity Protection Area. Fences in Lethbridge.
20151050/068 Garden Suite Pilot Project. City of Lethbridge. Lethbridge Housing Authority. [1989.] Factsheet. Government of Alberta. Alberta Municipal Affairs. City of Lethbridge. County of Parkland. Housing Option for Older People. Lease/Occupancy Agreement. Plot Plans. Natural Gas Facilities Location Request. Request for Underground Locations (Sewage and Waterworks Department). Cablenet Location Request. Record of Locating Telephone Plant. Electric System Location Request. 419 – 9th Avenue South (Roger Carrier). 1316 – St. Arthur Road North (Lula Skreeting). 805 – 12th Street “B” North (Isaac Janzen). 258 – Eagle Place North (Lee Conine). 1810 – Elm Road South. 6 – Simon Fraser Boulevard West (Romeo Thiebert).
20151050/069 BLT Centre Signs. City of Lethbridge. [1988.] Uniform Signage Project. First Phase – City Hall. Second Phase – BLT Centre, 910-4th Avenue South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6. First Floor: Lloyd’s Bank of Canada. AGT Business Centre. Second Floor: Datatron Computer Services Ltd. Third Floor: City of Lethbridge – Electric Design Department, Urban Services, Community Development Department. Communications and Public Information. Council Chambers. Fourth Floor: City of Lethbridge – Social Planning Department. Engineering Services, Community Development Department. Communications and Public Information. Community Services. Parks and Facilities. Social Planning. Urban Services. Electric Design. Fifth Floor: City of Lethbridge – Mayor’s Office, David B. Carpenter. Aldermanic Office. Administrative Services. City Manager, City Clerk, City Solicitor, Human Resources Department, Risk and Insurance, Emergency Services.
20151050/070 Signs. City Hall. BLT Centre. City of Lethbridge. [1988.] City Hall and BLT Centre Directory. City of Lethbridge Service Directory. Assessment Department Name List. Computer Services Department Name List. Finance Department Name List. Planning Department Name List. Inspection and License Department Name List. Economic Development Department Name List.
20151050/071 Portable Signs. City of Lethbridge. Planning Department. [1989]. Portable Advertising Signs. Lethbridge Land Use By-Law. Information Brochure.
20151050/072 Benefitting Area: Water Reservoir, Storm Trunk, Water Trunk and Sanitary Trunk. City of Lethbridge. Three Overlay Transparencies. North Lethbridge. Hardieville. Former City Limits.
20151050/073 City Hall Signs. City of Lethbridge. 1987-1988. Sign Project – Phase One. Signage – City Buildings. Consistent Type of Signage. Colour to Identify Groups of Services. Design Planner. Photographic Mural. City Hall Directory. List of Required Signs. Proposed Budget for Coordinated Signs for City Hall, BLT Centre, old Court House. Request for Comments re: Completed Phase One of Uniform Signage Project for City Hall.
20151050/074 Miscellaneous Work – City of Lethbridge. City of Lethbridge 100th Anniversary Logo. Figure 1: Procedure for Initial Sale of Centresite Lands. Figure 2: Application for Developments Subsequent to Centresite Land Sales. Valleyview / Uplands Phase 1 Residential Parcels. Valleyview / Uplands Phase II Residential Parcels. Chart: Responses to Survey of Major Issues Land Use By-Law Rewrite. Charts (2): Development Applications – Permits / Building Applications – Permits. Plot Plan – Existing and Approved Structures along South Side of 23rd Avenue South. Serviced Vacant Lots within City Boundaries Dec. 31, 1982 – July 31, 1983. St. James Terrace Outline Plan. West Lethbridge General Land Use. West Lethbridge – Multi-Family Residential. Ridgewood Residential Plan. Commercial Fuel Site Plan. Fairmont Park. Parkside Holdings. Railway Relocation Lands.
20151050/075 City of Lethbridge Five Year Capital Improvement Program 1989-1993. Transparencies – City Hall (image only), Table of Contents (title only).
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